«With the new CAG-online tool, students and scholars now have easy access to the same vast collection of the works of Augustine. Simply by browsing to http://www.cag-online.net end users with a valid subscription may log-on to the entire library from any Internet-ready device, PC, tablet or mobile. However it is done, CAG-online makes research on the primary texts of Augustine a more streamlined venture: the interface itself no longer presents any significant obstacle, and researchers may simply use the same digital collection directly from their web browser.»

«... the quality and level of care given to this project has generated a stable and reliable Latin text. The ability to search the complete works of Augustine for key terms in Latin will more than repay the cost of subscription. This tool should be included in all digital collections of libraries that support research faculties of philosophy, theology, classics, and history.»

J. Grabeau, Augustinian Studies 46 (2015) 132-134