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Yates / Dupont: The Bible in Christian North Africa © de Gruyter

Jonathan Yates / Anthony Dupont (Ed.)

The Bible in Christian North Africa

Part I: Commencement to the Confessiones of Augustine (ca. 180 to 400 CE)

(Handbooks of the Bible and Its Reception 4,1)



This handbook explores the formation of Christianity in Northern Africa from the second century CE until the present. It focuses on the reception of Scripture in the life of the Church, the processes of decision making, the theological and philosophical reflections of the Church Fathers in various cultural contexts, and schismatic or heretical movements. Volume one covers the first four centuries up until the time of Augustine.



Die Herausgeber

Jonathan Yates, Villanova University, PA, U.S.A.

Anthony Dupont, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.


Bibliographische Informationen

Erscheinungsform: Hardcover / E-Book
Umfang: XIII, 396 p.
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN-13 (Hardcover):
ISBN-13 (EBook-PDF) 978-1-61451-649-1
ISBN-13 (EBook-EPUB) 978-1-61451-926-3
Verlag: de Gruyter
Erscheinungsort: Berlin/New York
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Preis (Hardcover): EUR 199,95
Preis (EBook-PDF): EUR 199,95
Preis (EBook-PDF): EUR 199,95


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